Inner Secret is my creation, a labour of love that arose out of my passions for cycling, veganism and all things erotic and kinky. Years of cycling and the accumulation of old bike parts, tires and inner tubes lead to the re-purposing of ‘waste’ products into beautiful objects. Low impact, carbon free and ecological living is built into the philosophy underpinning my work; it stems from a desire to create new from old, to find joy in waste, and to find a use for everything. Cycling is a passion, and keeping bikes on the road for as long as possible is an obsession. But there comes a point where tires get worn out, inner tubes get one too many punctures, and cogs gears and chains have seen too many miles to be of any use on a bike. Once these things are no longer fit for the road they would usually get thrown out and end up as landfill. This seemed to me a tragic waste of such wonderful materials. The rubber of inner tubes, even after hundreds of miles on the road, is still some of the toughest, best quality rubber out there (way better than the cheap imported stuff made under dire working conditions in Chinese factories), and the cogs and gears, even after they’ve cycled their final mile, are still beautiful objects in their own right. With this in mind, and with an inquisitive spirit that’s always tinkering with anything to hand, these tubes, tires and cogs have been turned into the items displayed in my shop. Having a mind that is not only inquisitive, but also somewhat filthy, the first items I made were for sex, with an emphasis on kink. The first thing I ever made from inner tubes was a strap-on harness, and I am happy to say that this is still my most profitable line. The rubber comes from inner tubes, both from push-bikes and motorbikes. This amazing, strong, stretchy, material usually ends up in the skip unless I rescue it from one of Brighton’s bike shops and co-ops. There are many reasons why rubber is the best material. It works a lot like leather, it’s tough. But it has a stretch that enables it to fit the body perfectly. Wherever possible, the buckles and findings have come from used and discarded handbags and suchlike. These are taken apart and the buckles and D rings riveted to rubber to craft the creations here. In order to meet the demand for these products I have had to make some compromises, and so some buckles and rings are bought new. Around 50% of the metal parts of my products will be recycled. Part of my inspiration was that even in high end sex shops (with a few notable and wonderful exceptions) the choice is often between high quality handmade leather bondage wear, and vegan but low quality and mass produced bondage gear. Fed up with having the choice of either having to compromise on quality or ethics, I decided that the best route was to make things myself. And, given the plethora of materials that are thrown away by our destructive late capitalist consumer society; tough, hard wearing, comfortable materials are to be found everywhere one looks. It was after I had been making sex gear from bike parts for some time that a friend of mine introduced me to the term ‘bikesexual’. It makes sense to me: bikes symbolise freedom, bodies, health, outdoors; all things that I can’t help but find sexy.